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Hi, I'm Akoe. My main blog is www.inorganicromantic.tumblr.com , but this is where I post all my drawings, which run the gamut from terrible to Raiders-of-The-Lost-Ark-face-meltingly-terrible. NSFW at times. Message me if you want something tagged a particular way! \ ( o w o ) /

winged-behemoth asked: Hello it was a while, How are you? C:


Very well, thank you! Currently busting my ass to try and finish some long-overdue work. I hope you’re doing well! :]

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restlessinfinity said: Almost looks like watercolor/markers! :0 I like it!!

It’s actually both! I started with copic markers, then cleaned it up in photoshop with a few self-made watercolor texture layers and a little additional tweaking. :D

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officialpharma asked: Hey there! I just wanted to say that I really love that Brainstorm you drew. I think you draw him wonderfully and I absolutely love the colours. Hope you have a nice day! ^^


Aww, thank you! 


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viennateng asked: h-hope you don't mind the message, but would you happen to be another lolita who is into transformers? i saw the tags on your brainstorm post and just wanted to say, you should absolutely share your tf lolita designs if it ever strikes your fancy to do so ;). rock on friendo!!!!


I sure am! I’ve posted a few of my lolitaformer doodles in the past, but they were all silly human designs. I’ll probably do some proper robot frills though! MAN, I love meeting fellow lolitas into transformers. We are a rare breed indeed!

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princeconstantine asked: *Sends hugs!*



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