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Hi, I'm Akoe. My main blog is www.inorganicromantic.tumblr.com , but this is where I post all my drawings, which run the gamut from terrible to Raiders-of-The-Lost-Ark-face-meltingly-terrible. NSFW at times. Message me if you want something tagged a particular way! \ ( o w o ) /

I got an ask about alternative forms of payment that my tumblr deleted, and I can’t remember who sent it. :<

Ff. Anyway, if you’d rather not do paypal or other forms of online payment, I gladly accept stuff from my amazon wish list, and I promise I am a flexible negotiator. Send me an ask or an email and we can work something out!

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princeconstantine asked: Hey! I don't know if you got my last ask, but I was wondering how you've been!


Hello! For whatever reason, my ask box glitches out sometimes and I sometimes don’t get messages immediately?

Anyway, I’m doing okay. Still in a pretty bad rut art wise, but I am kicking my own ass. Hopefully soon I’ll have more work done. ;w;

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I just wanted to say, i absolutely adore your art and love your style. you are a huge inspiration. Please keep drawing!


Oh man. ;-; Anon, you’re sweet. I want to make a super cool comeback with lots of quality art. I hope I won’t disappoint. 

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